i am using atom live server but i have problem that External CSS file not working only HTML file are working
i have put html and css in my project folder
when i try to open the html from browserwithout using live server every thing is ok but its work fine but with live server css file not working

any advise

It would be helpful if you shared a screenshot of Atom with your files open.


thanks for replay

the problem is css file not working with atom live server but if i open same file from browser its work fine

from atom live server css not work as you can see

but from browesr its work fine
css is external css file and liked to html
when i used inside html its work fine but when i use external css file not work

The problem is that you used an absolute link starting with /. The root path of atom-live-server isn’t your computer’s /, it’s the pro/ folder you have open. Your link should read href="css/main.css".

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