Atom live-server


I have Atom live-server installed & browser -refresh , if someone could help on two issues; I am using Windows 7 on my PC . When I make and entry to my html file…I a have to to open windows explorer /open in browser and refresh.( my browser is Google chrome. I thought that as you typed in code in your project /hit save/ it would re-load without pressing the refresh icon

First step in correcting my issue



The readme for browser-refresh specifically states that it enables you to reload your browser by pressing a key inside Atom. It doesn’t happen automatically.


Thanks for the info re browser.-refresh. It works fine in my html file.I thought that after "saved/enter that new text would auto show in my
google chrome browser as well ( I have to refresh google chrome ) to make the new text appear yes/no/maybe so?
Appreciate your help…


I use BrowserSync for that purpose.