Atom-live-server not switching to a new project folder


Sorry, I am a newbie.

I am coding multiple html/css/js files in different project folders.

When I launch atom-live-server with “ctrl-alt-l”, the extention always launches the same page which I created the first time.

How do I switch and change the web page to load with atom-live-server ?




Do you have all of these project folders in one window? What happens if you try to activate atom-live-server in another window?


I see. I removed the older project folder and launched the atom-live-server again.
Now it loads the web page from the current working project folder.

I wish there is a way to switch the project folder on-the-fly by just clicking from the file explore pane on the left.



I imagine that atom-live-server generates a server for the first project folder. You might be able to solve it by dragging the one you want to the top.