Atom live server not loading my index.php

I’m currently trying to configure a localhost with the atom-live-server package, in the atom text editor. My localhost is configured to listen at port 80, and I can’t change that. When running the atom-live-server, I get a page listing the root directory (/) with a list of its files inside, which is index.php, with the following content:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    hello there yo

The loaded page however has not that content, so it’s not the page being loaded by atom-live-server. When I check the URL atom-live-server openend when running, I get:


When I change that URL to:


My page gets displayed properly, so the problem seems to be the port. Anyway, 1) I can’t change the port of my localhost, 2) according to sources online, the atom-live-server package should still work with the 3000 port. What am I missing out?

Perhaps this package will help you as it did me.

I had the same issue and installed the php-server linked and… voila! Problem solved.