Atom-live-server is not automatically refreshing


Hi i am new to Atom and have installed the atom-live-server from jas-chen but it is not working as expected. I a using Window 10 and Chrome is my default browser. The server opens and I can see the file but to see any changes i make to my .html file after saving I have to manually refresh the page. I understood that this package would do that for me. A little disappointed. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no change. I have checked my file and everything is ok. It runs in localhost/xampp OK.
Can anyone suggest how I can get it to work


OK i have fixed it tanks


For the benefit of people who come after you, it might be helpful to add what you did to get the package to work.


Sorry will do


Hi sorry was away and couldn’t reply properly - OK actually it was my own fault - even though everything render ok the script tags were actually inside the body tag so I guess this was the probem - sorry for been such an idiot but first time using atom and following a course so I have to admit wasn’t taking care Again sorry all is good now