Atom Live Server doesn't work


Hi, I’m having trouble with Atom Live Server, even though I activate it the browser window doesn’t open, I already uninstalled and re-installed it, checked if maybe there is an incompatible package, activate from the menu or with shortcut nothing happens. The strange thing is until a while ago it worked then this. Did anyone solve this issue ? I’m using Win 7 if it could helps. Thanks in advance.


I just now installed atom-live-server to test and it works just fine for me, opening a browser tab automatically. Which of the commands are you using to start the server? Are you sure you haven’t configured the package to not open the browser? What happens if you navigate to the URL anyway?


I found a way it works : just turning on the live preview every time I open a document and closing atom and reopen it again if I need to working on another one and do the same with live server, until now it seems it works.