Atom Live Server doesn't show up things in a browser


Hello! I’ve been trying to use the Atom Live Server for .js files but as soon as I downloaded and run it, nothing happened. The server works itself but it doesn’t show up things on a browser when I write them down. Tried saving files, turning off and on a server and doing the same thing with the whole Atom but it didn’t work. I have only one project opened at the time and also when I run it the server wants me to choose my file directory. I don’t know if it should be like this but I saw that people usually don’t have to do that. Do you have any ideas what could cause such a problem and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.


It might help if you posted some screenshots so that we can see what your files look like and what you’re seeing in the browser, especially when you get asked to choose your file directory.


So I solved my problem with getting asked for a file directory and the server doesn’t do it anymore. But still nothing shows up on a browser. Here is my .js and .html file and also a screen from a browser:



I uploaded them separately because new users can upload only one picture at once.


Let’s try something simpler to see if the server works, first. If you put static text on the HTML page, do you see anything?


Putting a static text didn’t work but I just found a solution. The problem was an .html file. Now it looks like this:

and everything works fine. Server updates every time I save my .js file so I can finally program without any problems. Found this file in my old project and tried copying it lol. But it works and that’s the most important.


Ah. I didn’t even notice that your paths were wrong. My bad for glossing over that.