Atom live server doesn't launch the browser automatically


I installed atom-live-server package, and when I start the server it doesn’t launch the default browser automatically, I must open the browser by myself, and type server URL with port number manually. How can I fix this?


How have you configured atom-live-server?


I didn’t configure it, but I did something that maybe caused this problem. When I installed that package first time, it worked. After that, I reset default apps in Windows include default browser, then make Chrome default browser again. After that, I faced this problem.


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the package?


Yes, and also:

  • Deleted .atom folder to let Atom start fresh with default settings, and re-installed the package.
  • Tried other editors: SublimeText, Brackets, PhpStorm. All works well except Atom.
  • Made other browsers default, but nothing.


Do you know if the extensions or features of these other editors also use the live-server package? If not or you don’t know, I’d like for you to try to run that package by itself just like atom-live-server does and see if it works. I can coach you how to do it if you aren’t familiar with NPM or the command line.


I don’t know, but they’re using the default built-in packages. I didn’t change anything.

I installed node.js, opened npm, installed live-server package to run it by itself as you said, then issued the command “live-server” using PowerShell in my project’s directory, then the server worked but didn’t open the browser automatically, and it says:

Serving “My project’s path here” at
(node:6604) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): Error: spawn cmd ENOENT
Ready for changes


This is both expected and weird. So yes, something about live-server is not working with your system. The specific error tells me that it’s trying to spawn a cmd process. So the next step to test is to see if you can create a cmd process. Type cmd into the command line and see what happens.

I’ve tested atom-live-server@2.2.0 on my own computer (Windows 10, Chrome default), and it works seamlessly.


Finally, problem solved!
When I’m searching now for the problem “Error: spawn cmd ENOENT”, I remembered that I changed the environment variables to run apm following these steps. Now I added the system32 folder to PATH following this solution and it works. Atom can open the default browser automatically now.
Thanks for your time @DamnedScholar :slight_smile:


Good to know that it was easily remedied.



When I start atom-live-server it is also not launching the browser then, I checked manually it is running on the port 3000. To launch browser automatically. What should i do? I am using live server ver.2.3.0


Try hitting ctrl-alt-q to stop the live server.

Then hit ctrl-alt-l to launch it again.

(Worked for me.)