Atom linux not clone Github



when i try to make the git hub clone,

I always have this message
Unable to clone…git


do you have any idea? I use Gentoo


When you open the developer tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle developer tools) and click on Console, do you see any red error messages?


in the cosole I have this


Hmm. I’m not sure how one would get more information about what’s going on here, but I don’t ever use git through Atom so I have no experience with Atom’s cloning.


I have enabled git logs and I have this:


What input are you giving it?




How are you telling the package what repo to clone?


Mhhh, I do it in the same way as I do in windows,

maybe I should open a bug in the gentoo package?

however weird, probably some missing permission somewhere?


Show me?

maybe I should open a bug in the gentoo package?

This is important information. I did not know that you were using an unofficial distribution. You can try installing from apt or one of the official Linux builds on GitHub (atom-amd64.deb and atom-amd64.tar.gz) and see if that works.


I solved it by unzipping the deb files and using the binary …


In that case, I suspect that the issue is the Gentoo package. You should probably send a bug request to the maintainers with all of the details about your system and a link to this thread, in case this is a problem that could affect other users.