Atom linters no longer show popups


I’m not sure when it happened or why, but none of the Atom linters show popups for errors any more.

See below, a scss error and a js error. Both show gutter markings.

The js error shows an js-standard linter error in the status bar, and sometimes a dotted underline. No popups ever.

Scss-linter does not show the error in the statusbar, but shows the dotted underline. No popups either.

I’m a bit confused as to what happened, and what settings would make them work again – and have the linters work consistently; always a popup and always a list of statusbar errors.

I am using Atom 1.7.0-beta4 on 10.11.4.


Just to confirm, do you have “Show Inline Error Tooltips” checked in the Linter package’s settings?


This is probably best addressed on the linter repository. The FAQ has instructions on how to file an Issue on any Atom package:


Yes, I do have it on.

It works on my other mac. Interestingly, the only major difference is the non-working one has Node 5.10.0 installed via nvm, and the working one has Node 4.4.0 installed in /usr/local/bin


I also posted an issue on the linter repo:

I was just wondering if I was missing something or if someone here has seen this.