Atom linter style editing

I am currently using linter for python but honestly, I really don’t like the style of the linter:

Is there any way to change those shapes? styles? to this?

I know that the second picture was the version 1 of the linter package but still… is there a way to change the style?

The way would be to install or write a different UI package. This is a fairly simple process, but I would honestly suggest that, if you want to do that, you fork atom-ide-diagnostics-ui, since it’s compatible with linter providers as well as newfangled language server packages such as ide-python. Don’t fork the entire atom-ide-ui (it contains a lot of code you don’t need and has been abandoned), but the child package atom-ide-diagnostics-ui is designed to be replaceable (that’s why it’s separate from atom-ide-diagnostics) and both linting providers and the langserver packages are designed to be entirely UI-agnostic so you can use whichever UI package you like.

ok i only understood the part about forking the atom-ide-diagnostics-ui

Cool. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile: