Atom+linter+linter-clang don't work

I decided to use Atom to work with c-projects (Win10). The following packages were installed: linter, linter-clang, busy-signal, linter-ui-default.

I can see some linter ui things on the atom screen, but there is no check by mistake (as shown oh figure).

I spent hours searching, put this configuration on two different PCs, but I didn’t get the proper result.

Can somebody help me with this problem?

The installation instructions for linter-clang don’t mention this, but in order to use the package, you need to install clang on your machine. If I’m not mistaken, clang is pre-installed on macOS, so the author of linter-clang didn’t think of other operating systems. Binaries for other systems can downloaded here:

If you already installed clang, is there a difference in the output between the command-line linter and the Atom package?

It would be most helpful if there were some detail on which preconditions needs to be filled.

At least a package like linter-gcc has some extra documentation:

@a-styuf: which c-compiler are you using?

I already installed this library when I tried to work with the “сquery” package. When I get the result, I’ll report.

Thank you, idleberg. It works, but not completely. Messages have appeared, but since the project is complex (there are many folders with libraries) linter can not find all dependencies.
I filled the “.clang_complete” file, but the package doesn’t take information about finding h.-files from there.

Sorry, I forget to make answer in reply-forme. Thank you, again.