Atom Linter Issue



I recently installed Atom. I am having trouble getting Linter spell checking to work with my LaTeX documents.

I already had the latex-language package installed. I installed Linter-Spell-Latex as well as intentions, busy signal, linter, linter ui, and linter-spell. Linter always shows 0 0 0 for the severity icons and doesn’t seem to work.

I initially had an error that hunspell couldn’t be found (error null), i fixed that by copy/pasting the full path to the package into the settings of linter-spell.

I checked activated packages by going to the developer console and typing “atom.packages.activePackages”. Linter-spell-latex shows up on that list but says “activateTime: 0” (not sure what that means).

Can anyone provide any guidance or suggestions on how to get spell checking via linter to work on my latex documents? Do I need a complete reinstall of atom?

Thank you for your patience with this & your responses.


Hmm, that’s odd. Do you have other linters working? What about spell checking in markdown documents (i.e. linter-spell, but not linter-spell-latex)?

My own working version says activateTime: 0, so I doubt that’s a problem.

To confirm hunspell is working properly, what loaded dictionaries does hunspell -D return?


Excuse my ignorance – I am on Windows 10. Do I enter what you said in the Windows command prompt or the Atom developer tools console?


@Aerijo meant the command prompt. A package like termination which creates a terminal inside Atom would also work.


Thanks for the tip! I installed the termination package and typed hunspell -D

It returns an error indicating the term “hunspell” is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program.

That is strange. I thought it was installed automatically along with the linter-spell package. Do I need to find it externally to atom and install it?


It isn’t excessively clear and isn’t detailed at all, but based on the linter-spell documentation, I interpret that you do need to install an external program. This is not unusual. I haven’t used this one, but linter providers frequently use external binaries, some of which you don’t want to have installed automatically with the package, like gcc.


Gotcha. Well I DLed hunspell. It had a .dll file and a readme in it. I added where I extracted the file to windows PATH but it hasn’t seem to made any difference.

Any suggestions?


Does it work in the command prompt yet?


I tried both the Windows command prompt and the prompt from the termination package and neither work. Both still returns the error “hunspell is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program."


This means you have not yet installed hunspell correctly. I don’t use Windows, so I’m afraid I cannot help you with that part.


Hmmm - that’s a shame, thank you for the suggestions though. Perhaps there is a windows alternative to hunspell? I mean – does every using linter and atom use linux? If so then maybe this is just an odd windows problem and I need to dust off an old laptop and install a mint distribution on it.


Hunspell works on Windows, as can be seen by the build guide it’s just something going wrong with the way you installed it. Unless you think you’re able to install it directly from the github repo, and build it yourself, I can’t offer any help (even then I couldn’t help; things never work when I try and build them).


Right - I think that is the problem. I just had a DLL file, no idea how to ‘build’ it, as you say.

Perhaps I could use an alternative? Like aspell?


Aspell doesn’t look like it supports windows. The latest port for it was released in 2002.


Hmmm - Okay. Gotta figure out hunspell then! :slightly_smiling_face:


Where did you download this? I can’t find any pre-built release on the hunspell GitHub.


I don’t think it is pre-built. It is just a .dll file. I believe I got it from the sourceforge page Aerijo linked.


Nevermind – I got mine from a sourceforge link for hunspell. Doesn’t seem to work though.


This SourceForge project? It was last updated in 2015, whereas the GitHub repo has a release as recent as September and unreleased commits since then.


Gotcha - thanks for the tip on that. I will delete the source forge one and DL the github hunspell. Still need to determine how to install it.