Atom Linter alway show on new tab


Anyone can suggest me how to fix it?

Thank you.


What actions are you taking to open the package display?


When I open Atom Linter will display on new tab always and I will drag it to bottom myself.
It doesn’t happened before. I feel Linter not convinice to use like a before.


I have not observed that behavior. In order to figure out why it’s happening, we have to learn how to make it happen on cue. When did this behavior start?


After I update by previous version, but I don’t remember what’s version?


Have you tried installing an old version of Atom?


Not yet, but I stop to use it anymore.



I am also having the same issue.

So, has there been any update since ?

Thank you very much in advance


I’m also having this issue - it’s been going on for a month or more. Latest Atom and Mac OS here.



Which one? There are multiple “latest” Atoms.

Have you checked the GitHub repo for issues related to this topic?


1.21.1 x64 - I have not, but I will now. I got as far as a google search that brought me here for a “me too!” :slight_smile:


Package authors don’t necessarily follow here, but they usually get GitHub notifications.