Atom Leetcode - Package for coding Leetcode problems in the text editor


Hey guys,

I made an atom package for those of you that want to practice programming problems straight from your text editor. Check it out for more information:

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

Please delete

Hi Richard.

Please could you explain to a n00b what Leetcode is.

What size is the GIF you have shared on front page of your package? For some reason I could not make it bigger to actually see detail enough to explain what your product does.

Thank you for sharing.
- Dan




My apologies, I didn’t really make it clear what it was to begin with. Leetcode is an online database full of programming problems for those that are trying to prepare for technical coding interviews.


(smile) yes Sir.
I know the let-me-google-that-for-you trick too.
I prefer to use the tiny url name instead when doing so though (wink)

It is a case of vinegar and honey.
I am hoping to have Richard work a little harder at introducing his sweat-and-tears with us.

@Richard-Dang IMHO your package can be very helpful to people. Even maybe attract new ‘customers’ if they get a good introductory to what you are doing. A sales-pitch in other words. THAT is something those competition / interviews do not teach you.