Atom lags via citrix desktop


Hello community!

Facing with the following issue when trying to work with Atom 1.0.2 on a remote Windows 7/8 VDI machine using Citrix Receiver 4.1/4.3.

All other applications do work smoothly (including Chrome), except Atom that updates picture not always instantly, but after a few seconds later the actual action took place (or even only right after the next action took place).

For example, I’m selecting a line of text with shift+end/or with mouse, but in Atom it is shown as nothing has happend, until I scroll down the file or select one more line, etc.

Not every action is affected with that, but it appears randomly and constantly. For me it looks like graphics/video settings issue.

What can I try to tune up in Atom in order to deal with that?



Was able to fix it with “–disable-gpu” startup switch