Atom lagging with sftp git repo


When accessing a local project with a git repo, there is no issue life is good and fast and awesome,
the moment I access a remote git repo (via sftp, using Nautalis) Atom becomes horribly slow,
even trying to stage changes is like a 5 minute wait per file staged which is just not gonna work.

I have disabled the github package ( and using the git command line

Please advise if there is a work around for this ?


Atom (and the github package) makes a lot of file system (and git status) calls in order to render code as beautifully as it does. When you run it on your computer, the constant stream of work is a small fraction of your machine’s capacity, but if you have opened a live connection to a server that’s behind a narrow pipe, the constant questions about where everything is and what the commit status of every file is will start to interfere with your desired traffic. Since Nautilus is handling the SFTP connection and (I presume) mounting the repo as a directory that looks like a directory on your computer, Atom is acting normally in an abnormal situation, and if disabling github fixes the performance issues elsewhere, I think that’s the workaround.

The command line is the best way to interact with your server. If you haven’t discovered it yet, I recommend using process-palette. You can set up command line instructions and bind them to Atom commands (and thus keybindings and tool bar buttons) with a high level of customization.