Atom Keyboard shortcuts Mindmap


Hello to everyone,

Just wondering as a new user to Atom if someone did create already a Mind-map of all available keyboard shortcuts
within Atom do see how to connect to each other

Best regards



I have a package that shows all bindings in all packages, but you have to search by key combo. What do you mean by “Mind-map”?



Thanks your link and work is a great help.With mind-map I simple mean the visual one page presentation like what you do with a tool like

Regards Gottfried


Xmind seems like a very complicated tool. Are you sure that is what you want?


Xmind is a complex tool I do agree. But it is very powerful as well so yes I am using it for some time now.
But never in combination with Atom as I discovered Atom only recently.
And I really like it but only evaluating if it fits my purpose for using it on WIN7 and Ubuntu.
For coding with Haskell / Python ( Blender,Gimp,PyDev-Eclipse)