Atom keeps shutting down


I downloaded atom but it did not actually install on the computer. When I click on the .exe it just opens the software.
Now whenever I open the software, after a few seconds it gets stuck and shuts down.
This is the error it gives me:

I also restarted my laptop after that but nothing works.

How can I fix this?


What happens if you request Keep Waiting?

I observe that there is a project and user file already open…
so you did use the software at some point.

  • What is that user file?
  • Which packages do you have loaded?

Perhaps look at
Focus first on

It may also have happened that the download you made got corrupted in the download process. This is a slim chance if you have opened the software before.

Whatever detail you can provide for the local experts would be appreciated.


I was only able to load the file. Atom still hasn’t let me use it. It always shuts down within 5 seconds.
I have 2 packages installed: tablr and another related to csv files.


It has installed itself. It lives in AppData/Local/atom.

What version of Windows are you on? What happens when you open Atom from the command line with atom --safe according to the link that @danPadric posted? What happens when you open Atom with atom --clear-window-state? What do your CPU and memory usage look like when Atom starts? How fast is your processor? How much memory do you have?