Atom keeps losing settings

Hi there!

Lately when I open atom sometimes i find it reverted back to the default black skin, default indentation/editor settings, and default layout. I have to manually set everyting back, then it keeps the settings… until next time it decides to lose them.

Package-related settings, projects and open tabs are retained correctly.

Looks like this is happening randomly. Any ideas?

First, make a copy somewhere of your config.cson with the settings you want.

Then, are you able to do it consistently? Check that config file after closing and reopening Atom; when does it change (if at all)?

This is a type of problem that happens from time to time. Occasionally seeing it is expected, but if it’s happening on the regular, there might be a reason for that. If you can figure out any consistent variables between occurrences of the forgetting, there might be something deeper for us to learn about the situation.

Ty. I have a snapshot-based backup system on this machine, so I can check back in time for old versions of config.cson in needed.

Apparently, these are the changes happened in config.cson between last good state and first bad state:
< “*”:
< “bracket-matcher”:
< autocompleteBrackets: false
< core:
< disabledPackages: [
< “linter”
< ]
< telemetryConsent: “no”
< themes: [
< “one-light-ui”
< “github-atom-light-syntax”
< ]
< editor:
< showIndentGuide: true
< showInvisibles: true
< softTabs: false
< “exception-reporting”:
< userId: “”
< “ide-python”:
< python: “python3”
< “linter-ui-default”:
< panelHeight: 212
< “updater-notify”:
< pkgType: “Debian, Ubuntu”
< welcome:
< showOnStartup: false

After restoring the settings manually, everything is the same except for userId.

I can’t find a way to reproduce it.