Atom Keeps Crashing


Atom always crashes when I install packages. It’ll install the first package, but when I try to install another it crashes.

What do I do?


Hi there,

Package installation is a bit disrupted today, due to the website and package repository being overwhelmed with requests. It may take a bit of time before it’s working smoothly again, but they’re working on it right now.

It’s the first time I hear of Atom crashing because of it, though.
Does the application actually close, or do you see any error messages?
Which OS are you on?


It says the editor is not responding (something like that) and it shows a close or wait button.

It seems that if I leave atom while its installing an addon will crash, but if I search for an addon it won’t crash.

I’m on Windows 8.1.


Are you behind a corporate firewall with SSL inspection enabled via a custom root CA? If so, you might be hitting a long-standing SSL related issue. I am in that situation and your problem sounds a lot like what I have to deal with.


No, I’m at home.


I’m experiencing this issue now on Windows 7. Is there any work around for this?


This is not an issue with 1.2.0-beta2. Even without setting ‘strict-ssl = false’ in .apmrc Atom functions as expected.