Atom keeps crashing when opening a file or project folder


This just happened recently and right now I cannot open any files. The editor keeps telling me that the “The Editor has crashed”. I’m currently developing on a Windows 10 OS. I tried installing and uninstalling and even downloading the beta both .exe and .zip file and also downloading different builds /releases


Did you try to delete user/.atom


Yes I tried that already. Before posting my problem. The editor keeps crashing when starting. After I deleting the said folder user/.atom it crashes when I open a file or a project folder


@clestcruz Please post an Issue on the repository. Also, include the following information:

  • Which version of Atom are you using
  • Any crash dumps that you can find in %LocalAppData%\Temp\Atom Crashes


I encounter the exact same problem. Previously, I have select and want to delete some codes in the editor and it then crashed. If I try to relaunch Atom, it keeps craching. How can I fix the problem?


First try opening Atom from the command line with atom --safe and see if it crashes.