Atom keeps crashing if not in specific project folder


My Atom keeps consistently crashing if I’m not in the project folder connected to my Github repo. It will crash every 10-15 seconds if I’m lucky. I have tried removing .atom, renaming it, rebooting, uninstalling Git, uninstalling Atom entirely, running in safe mode, and clear window state, with no change. I also tried disabling the Github/Git packages, as well as deleting the “safe” project folder. None of these things have helped.


What operating system are you running and what version of Atom?

Also, do you happen to have a .git directory in your home directory?


I am on Windows 10 x64 and my Atom version is 1.32.2. I usually just use my desktop to create files and then move them into a project folder when I want to actually go through with it, so no.