Atom keeps crashing after upgrading to Atom IDE


Atom keeps crashing after upgrading to Atom IDE



Does it crash when you open it from the command line with atom --safe? What versions of Atom and Windows are you using?


No. It doesn’t crash in safe mode.

I am using Windows 10.
I am not sure which version of atom I am using. But when I was facing this
problem, I uninstall it and then download the fresh one from the atom
website and then installed it.


You can quickly find out your version by clicking on the Help menu.

You believe the problem may be caused by the atom-ide packages. The way to test that is to disable them while Atom’s open in safe mode, then reopen it normally. If it works, your hypothesis is correct and we can try to figure out why. You should also use apm ls from the command line to get a list of all of your packages. You can post that here (make sure to highlight it and click the </> button above the editor to format it as code).


I am using 1.21.2 version of the atom.

I have tried removing the package, then it works fine and when I install the atom-ide package again, it starts crashing.


I’m not sure why that would be the case, but perhaps some other people have experienced it if so.


Even before Atom IDE was launched, people were facing the issue, that Atom is very slow and upgrading to Atom IDE makes atom slower.

Which makes atom to crash.


Atom doesn’t simply crash because it has more to do. There are always other factors involved. For computers with low resources, that might be an issue, yes. Do you think that’s happening with you? How much RAM and CPU capacity do you have? Do you have a lot of programs open frequently?


When I open Atom after closing all other application, even then it crashes

My laptop has ram 4gb.

  • Which Windows10 do you have?
  • Which Atom version (64-bit or 32-bit) did you install?

4GB RAM seems small.


It is Windows 10 Home Single Language, and it’s 64-bit version.

Yes, 4 GB is small but still, atom shouldn’t get crashed.


Hello guys, this issue is still not solved. Anyone here to help?


The packages used by atom-ide are based on special programs run on your computer, so they might require more memory than your computer is ready for. However, unless someone who knows more about them joins the conversation, there’s nothing that can be said other than your computer seems unable to run that suite of packages.


So, should I create an issue on GitHub so that the actual creators of atom-ide can know about it?


That does seem like a logical next step. They might have ideas for how to reduce the resource drain, but it might also be completely out of their hands since the language servers are third-party software.


Here’s the task manager which shows the performance of Atom text editor.
When I was opened it was taking too much of memory and then it was closed.



You might just have to do without atom-ide for this computer, since you have this memory limit. At this point in time, I don’t even know where to find a four-gig computer that I could use to see if atom-ide is usable.


I have un-installed the atom-ide, but still, it is crashing.


If it still crashes after you uninstall atom-ide, but isn’t crashing in safe mode, then there’s probably another package to blame.


I have deleted all the packages also but still it is crashing.

Then I thought of deleting the .atom folder and then uninstall the atom and
then again install the atom.

But still the atom text editor is crashing.

I think the real problems is in the recent updates of the atom itself.

There are few another people who recently created issue on github and
facing similar problem.