Atom keep freezing with PHP code

Hi dear Atom’s users and developers.

I need help with the editor, I use a lot Atom for HTML, CSS, and PHP coding.

Since I’ve installed the editor I have a problem with it.

When I start to write PHP code, if there is HTML code on bottom, Atom freeze itself.

Example Code:

<?php ?> // Just opening this code with emmet is enough to freeze Atom.

<!doctype html>

... ... ...

I have the most tipical plugin to develop in Atom:

  • All atom default plugin;

  • Custom Plugin: Emmet, beutify, html-preview, live-server, color-picker, file-icons, minimap and pigments.

I’m a normal user that develope a simple web page, not a pro developer, so I need your help with this problem.

Someone had same Issue and know how to solve it?

Thanks for the help!

I also write in PHP (and other code) but I’m not a “pro developer”.
I suggest that you install one further package - package-list - then go to Toggle Command Palette and select Package - Open. You will see a list of all your packages and you can easily enable/disable one or more packages to see if there is a conflict. I would try disabling Emmet, then if the symptoms persist continue disabling other packages such as pygments. I think you might also like php-server package since error reports are seen.