Atom just loads in white shell


I tried running atom in Dev mode and it opened up in a white shell and now it won’t allow me to do anything and I receive an error.

Here is an image of what atom looks like when I load it up, I tried deleting atom and reinstalling it but same issue when I go to load it up.

at new Parser (/Applications/
at LessCache.module.exports.LessCache.parseLess (/Applications/
at LessCache.module.exports.LessCache.cssForFile (/Applications/
at LessCache.module.exports.LessCache.readFileSync (/Applications/
at (/Applications/
at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.loadLessStylesheet (/Applications/
at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.loadStylesheet (/Applications/
at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.requireStylesheet (/Applications/
at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.reloadBaseStylesheets (/Applications/
at ThemeManager.module.exports.ThemeManager.loadBaseStylesheets (/Applications/


If that happens again in the future, it’s worth running apm links -d to see if you have any dev packages linked - it’s possible that some changes made in one of them was crashing Atom.


When I ran it this appeared

Johns-Mac-Pro:~ Greenhoe$ apm links -d
/Users/Greenhoe/.atom/dev/packages (0)
└── (no links)
/Users/Greenhoe/.atom/packages (2)
├── grizzable-syntax -> /Users/Greenhoe/github/grizzable-syntax
└── test-syntax -> /Users/Greenhoe/github/test-syntax