.atom isn't installing after installation

I had a problem with atom where it would open up as inspect element. I then completely deleted atom but now it installs it without .atom. Causing it to not open.

There is very little information to work from.
Consider adding things like -
Which OS, version Atom, where does install come from?

I have double checked now for Atom V1.41 on Windows 10 -

  1. Delete %homepath%/.atom folder.
  2. Open Atom with success
  3. %homepath%/.atom folder is recreated

Being without the .atom folder should not break the installation. There is something else causing this problem of yours. Consider voicing why you thought to delete the .atom folder.

Best to get your install software from the official distribution site:
Be aware to use the correct package.
Remove all remnants of the current installation - not knowing your OS, you will have to research yourself on how to do this.

If all else fails, a portable installation is possible.
Because of this portability I am able to have x3 Atom versions running on my system. These run independently, each with own configurations and package sets.