Atom isn't automatically indenting empty lines of code?


Here is an example of a function I’m trying to define:

def prompting():
    a = int(input("a: "))
    b = int(input("b: "))
    c = int(input("c: "))
    n = int(input("n: "))

    check_fermat(a, b, c, n)

When I first ran it, I got an indentation error. However, when I went to the empty line in my function body, and spaced it twice, the error went away. Why isn’t Atom auto indenting line breaks? How do I fix this?

Atom Still Deleting Lines of Code Disabling Whitespace?

Atom does, and then the whitespace package removes them. You can change the whitespace settings to prevent it from removing trailing whitespace or ignore lines that only have whitespace.


This didn’t solve my problem. Even if whitespace is disabled, atom will still delete extra lines in my python script when saving. I played with these settings countless times and it still doesn’t resolve the issue.


Recently I had a similar issue (not Python). What @DamnedScholar suggests was what I had to do. Indeed very strange.

Perhaps it is another package that is interfering? If you code when Atom is in safe mode, do you still have this happening?


Oh sorry, this was solved. I was thinking of a nother question I asked regarding a different issue.