Atom is very gray


Hi, can someone explain why my Atom is so gray compared to Sublime-text? It’s a freshly installed Atom, from the ppa at . The deb package is version 0.96.0~git20140519~webupd8~saucy0

I am using the default UI theme (Atom Dark), and the Monokai syntax theme in Atom. In Sublime-text I am using the Monokai (SL) theme.

I have compared the color values of the two themes, and all those I looked at was the exact same value. Still my Atom editor is much grayer than Sublime. I don’t know if the background should be the same, but that is also a lot more gray and boring in Atom. I spoke with a friend, and he said that he didn’t notice that Atom was more gray than his Sublime-text. for me it’s impossible to miss, much harder to read.

Please see attached screenshot,

Here is a screenshot of the welcome screen, . As you can see, there is no white text, it’s gray. I am comparing it with the screenshot at, which is the theme I use. It’s pretty much not the same colors.

This is my first day with Atom, so I hope I am not missing anything obvious, tried to find any other reports, but didn’t. Have been waiting for some time to be able to test this editor out now, and besides that it’s hard to read due to this, it seems pretty awesome and worth the hype.

Best regards


Did you try installing another theme?

Or if you prefer, you can change the colors with LESS, go to File → Open your Stylesheet


But the UI theme as I understand it doesn’t affect the syntax or the background in the buffer.

The syntax theme is the same as the one in Sublime-text, as I wrote, I even checked quite a few color values to make sure that there weren’t some adjustments made by the one porting Monokai.


Maybe it has something to do with what’s written on this page:


Maybe I am missing something, but I don’t see the connection.

I made another screenshot, and will try to explain it.

There is an image with the color #66D9EF. The window in the background where the code is visible to the left is Sublime-text. The window to the right, that is a in front of Sublime-text is Atom.

As you can see, Sublime-text has the same color on the word function as Gimp has. Atom has a syntax style which has the same color code for this word. But it is not the same color as the other two windows/programs.

Also the green color and the comments has the same color code. Still they are not the same colors as Sublime-text has, which are the correct ones.


My guess is that it has something to do with anti-aliasing or similar. Maybe something that is a system wide setting for me. When zooming my screenshot I realize that the Sublime-text has thicker fonts than Atom. Atom looks in fact more like it has a gradient towards the gray (like anti-alias).


What I meant was that there seems to be some sort of color corrections happening with browsers, and considering that Atom is using a browser as it’s foundation…

But hey, it was just a thought


mika76: But as I understood it, it was for images. But I may be wrong. I didn’t understand all of it.

But I actually just solved it. It is something with the fonts, and I probably wouldn’t have found it without the feedback here. Hopefully someone else can find this post if the feel they have the same issue.

I have now added

.editor {
  font-family: 'DejaVu Sans Mono', sans-serif;

to my styles.less

  'fontSize': 14

in my config.cson.

Now it is very close to the brightness of my sublime-text. So I guess the difference was in fonts. The background still differs, but on the other hand I don’t know if it’s supposed to be the same.

I am now very satisfied!