Atom is very blurry

I’m not sure why but Atom is very blurry and it’s unusable. This is on Windows 10 as of 8/6/2018 on the latest stable build. I am also using the latest consumer Nvidia drivers.


So… that would pre-alpha version 1.32 - right?
Pre-alpha versions are not good to work with.
Or perhaps you meant the alpha -or- beta -or- stable version?

Have you done clear type tuning of late? Or even switch that off. Press Win key and type cleartype. An option should pop-up “Adjust ClearType text”.

Also watch out for using dpi scaling on Windows. There should be some information published on high dpi scaling, please see if a forum search brings that up.

If you can display bypassing the Nvidea graphic driver, do that.

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I apologize, I poorly worded my post. By latest build, I meant in terms of the Windows 10 OS current build. In terms of Atom, I am on the latest stable build (1.29).

I tried running the ClearType command as you said, but that hasn’t solved the issue. I will try to look around in the forums as you have said.

I also did notice that Atom is using newer components compared to VS Code? Could this possibly be an explanation for the issue? I am having no issues testing with VS Code which is strange.

Screenshot%20(12) !

Please see if you can find anything of use in:

…you do know you are running a BETA version - right?

Yes I am aware. That was just to see if it got fixed in the latest beta.

No luck. I tried all of the steps on the page you linked. I did send in a bug request to Microsoft via Feedback hub as it suggested on the page.


I made a mistake earlier on. It is not within this forum that I came to saw the DPI related issue. But the link I have given resolved the issue for not-Atom application for someone else.

There is a possibility that the issue you have is related to your graphic card. Any suggestion that comes from me will be guesswork. With vsCode fully under Micorsofts’ eye, they may know how to resolve this headache and compensated.

To further the conversation - Have you made any customizations when it comes to scaling and text fonts. Any little detail might be helpful for others to diagnose the problem.

Good luck.

Nope. I have not customized anything at all. The only thing I have changed is the font. Thanks for trying to help though!

Just to show you that Atom does work on Win10 …
(customized display, customized grammar, font: Roboto Mono Medium)

* Some words have been blanked out per image editor

One other suggestion would be to see if the issue is GPU-related:

Oh, I believe you. It stinks it’s just me who’s having this issue. It is what it is.

Thanks for the reply rsese , I tried the commands on the page and it didn’t make a difference. Thank you for your help though. I will try to reinstall my graphics drivers via DDU as that might make a difference possibly, even though the commands did not work.

I can confirm the issue was a driver issue!!! I uninstalled my graphics driver offline via DDU and reinstalled. Now Atom is all good!


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Sorry, could not resist…

I’m joining this discussion to confirm that Atom is not necessarily blurry but definitely not as sharp as eclipse. Atom is 1.35.1 x64, Eclipse is 4.11.0. I’m using Win 10 pro 64bit and no Nvidia card. Mine is Intel graphics pro. I’ve tried all solutions past and present with no improvement. Needless to say I’m still using eclipse but will monitor the forum for updates.