Atom is slow



I made a clear installation of atom , but is seems that its really slow . While iam writing my code iam having some sort of lag spikes . Can someone help me please?


You need to provide a bit more information about your work environment. OS? What are the available resources and how much is Atom consuming? How big are the files you’re working with?


I installed it just to try it on WIn10 pro , iam working with only one file i just create .js and while iam tryping iam noticing some huge lag spikes . I got 12gb of ram and atom seems to consume around 4gb if iam not mistaken , my CPU is i7 the 4th generation . I have no problem with any other text editor out there, just atom. Should i remove all the packages that came with the fresh installation ?


Editor Lag similar to this problem


Atom usually takes about 200-800 megs unless something weird is going on.

In the lower right-hand corner of the Atom window, there may be an item indicating a number of files being tracked. Do you see that value and if so how many do you see?


I installed the beta version and its working perfectly , but as far as i remember the number there was really high it was tracking more than 1000 files i think


Yep, there was an issue where if you had a .git directory in your home folder Atom would perform very slowly. The latest betas have fixed that.


Ohh that must be the problem ! Thank you guys !!