Atom is slow deleting words



I have large C++ file, about 3.5K lines. Atom work ok for any other shorter files, but if I delete word, in particular last character in it, atom freeze for short time.

Do you know what could be a reason for this? Could I disable any package to which makes this problem?

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Which version of Atom are you using? There are some performance fixes in the latest versions (and some additional ones that haven’t been released yet).


Also, always worthwhile to test whether this behavior is the same in safe mode (i.e. without community packages: atom --safe);


I’am using 0.204, the newest one.


Thanks for good advise.

In safe mode this problem is not apparent. It has to be one of the packages, not atom itself, I have no idea which one.

Do you have any suggestions?


I think this package has helped a lot of people pinpoint culprits:


Got It ! Highlight Selected is to blame.

Thanks. Advice is great…