Atom is painfully slow



I have had a long standing issue with Atom. When I am:

clicking the curser to a new line
typing text
making new lines

Every so often (10 seconds) the whole thing freezes for around 3 seconds.

This is very irritating and distracting me from my work, to the point of actually being a hindrance.

What could be causing this freezing? If I can’t get this fixed I will have to change editors.

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It has literally gotten to the point where I have to type blind all the time while Atom is catching up.


Do you experience the same slowdown when you run Atom in safe mode atom --safe?


Okay, interesting, works fine in safe mode so obviously it is a plug-in that is causing the slowness… I guess I will have to disable all my plug-ins until the problem is solved. Thanks for the help.


So as far as I can tell, it was the pigments package that was causing the delay issues.


This seems to be a known issue with the pigments package:


I am glad to have this sorted, like a weight lifted from my shoulders, thanks for your help Ben3eeE!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Also, in the future, please refer to the Atom FAQ first before posting. There is an extensive entry on what to do with seeming performance issues: