Atom is not starting without Internet


I am not able to launch atom without internet.
It is only launching when I connect to internet. I also tried to run atom --safe without connection but it didn’t worked.
I also tried to clean reinstall still didn’t worked.
So can you please tell me how to fix this.

Here is the info of current version
Atom : 1.25.0
Electron: 1.7.11
Chrome : 58.0.3029.110
Node : 7.9.0


What operating system are you running? I just tried 1.25.0 on Windows 10 with my internet connection off and Atom started ok.

If you start Atom in the foreground, is there any output on the command line when you start Atom?

atom --foreground --safe


when I run the commend I got the following errors


const cares = process.binding(‘cares_wrap’);

Error: EFILE
at net.js:10:23
at net.js:1645:3
at NativeModule.compile (bootstrap_node.js:535:7)
at NativeModule.require (bootstrap_node.js:475:18)
at internal/child_process.js:6:13
at internal/child_process.js:903:3
at NativeModule.compile (bootstrap_node.js:535:7)
at NativeModule.require (bootstrap_node.js:475:18)
at child_process.js:12:23
at child_process.js:542:3


Thanks for sharing the error @Sohair - I see you also dropped into the Atom Slack and the suggestion there was the issue was related to a network drivers problem and a reference to this issue?

I’m curious, are you on Windows and if so, what version?

I did come across this Electron issue too that looks related: