Atom is Incredibly Slow for Me - What Have I Done Wrong?


I recently installed Atom to follow along with a React Native course. I’ve uploaded a barebones RN project directory, and whenever I edit a single line of code, it takes at least 4 seconds for either the cursor to move to where I clicked within the document, or for a typed piece of code to show up on the screen.

ESLint is the only package I’ve installed within Atom. What could possibly be making it perform so slowly?

My computer isn’t gangbusters by any stretch of the imagination, but I have 8 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD, and a 2.4 GHz processor. I have no problem editing code in Sublime, VS or Android Studio.


Finally someone who has the same problem I have. The only difference is that I didn’t install anything, I was just working and somehow my processor started to heat.

I have tried a complete uninstall, theme and packages uninstall, reboot… enter in a safe mode but nothing seems to work :frowning:


I’ve used Atom on computers much worse than yours without difficulty (though it does get hefty if you leave it open for a week and also have Chrome open with a few dozen tabs).

I have no idea what causes slowness for some people and not others, and since I’ve never seen Atom be slow in any way that rebooting my computer or deactivating a bloated package couldn’t fix, I can’t be of any help.


@bubbad @emjeyes - what version of Atom are you running and what operating system?

Also, @bubbad - @emjeyes tried in safe mode but didn’t see any difference, have you tried safe mode?

  1. Exit all instances of Atom
  2. Start Atom with atom --safe


My problem is solved now, I don’t know why (? anyway, atom is back <3