Atom is deleting file contents automatically


I am on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and my atom version is 1.12.7. I have been using it to write C++ programs. However after I write the programs and compile it and save it perfectly,The next time I open atom the file contents are vanished. There are no contents in any file every next time I open it. How do I solve this ?


If Atom isn’t open, how is it deleting the contents of the files?


I was wondering the same question. But every time I write something and save it the next time I open the file it is blank as nothing was ever written. I wonder if it is a bug that is deleting the contents of the file even after I save it.


Do you have a consistent set of steps to reproduce the problem? They’ll need to be pretty detailed including lots of information about your configuration, how you’re saving things, the size of the project … essentially anything you can provide that might be different about what you’re doing from anyone else. I’ve never seen (or heard about) anything like what you’re describing, so it is almost certainly something to do with your configuration or environment.