"Atom" is damaged and can't be opened


Hello all,
I’m trying to install Atom from the downloaded zip file. When I extract the Atom.app and try to open it, I get the following:

“Atom” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

I’ve tried extracting and then moving the Atom.app to /Applications and I’ve tried extracting Atom.app directly to /Applications. I’m running OS X 10.9.1. I searched the forums and haven’t seen anything about this. Any help would be appreciated.

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Did you try redownloading?


Of course I did. I even mentioned above how I tried different extraction methods.

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I had the same problem when I unzipped from command line using unzip, then I tried using The Unarchiver app and it worked.


@AbeEstrada nailed it. While I didn’t have to use The Unarchiver app, I was able to use the built-in archive support in OS X which I guess is different than the CLI utilities that come with OS X. That being said, using unzip atom-mac.zip created a damaged Atom.app but using open atom-mac.zip worked. (You could also double-click atom-mac.zip from within Finder to achieve the same working result.) This might be worth mentioning in a README or something.

Unable to Expand Error 35

Thanks for the report guys. I’ve filed an issue and we’ll be looking into it shortly. Has this changed with newer releases of Atom? I wonder if it’s a Mavericks thing. I’ve been to busy to upgrade and I’ve never had issues unarchiving.


I downloaded from atom.io the zip (0.67.0) and tested unzip atom-mac.zip, still damaged on OS X 10.9.2


I had the same problem. The Chrome somehow corrupts the zip archive. I solved the problem by downloading with Safari.


Firefox too, for what it’s worth.


I just had this problem, and it looks like it hasn’t been discussed here in a long time. Using open on the command line worked for me, but having to do that is a counterintuitive surprise.

Suggestion…since this file is only to be used on a Mac, why not use a tar file instead of a zip file so that it will work ok on the command line (with tar)?


The problem mentioned above was that the unzip command did not work, while double-clicking the file in the UI worked just fine. I just did:

  1. Launched Chrome
  2. Navigated to https://github.com/atom/atom/releases
  3. Downloaded v0.158.0 from https://github.com/atom/atom/releases/download/v0.158.0/atom-mac.zip
  4. Went to my Downloads folder
  5. Double-clicked atom-mac.zip
  6. Moved Atom.app to /Applications
  7. Double-clicked Atom.app
  8. Clicked “Yes, really … I want to open this” button

Atom opened just fine for me. How did you attempt to install it @keithrbennett?


As I said, using open on the command line worked for me.

I was merely suggesting an alternate strategy that might be more friendly to command line users.



Ah ok, sorry for the misunderstanding.


Update: unzip atom-mac.zip still creates a damaged .dmg


I had the same issue, working on Mac Pro (Early 2009) OS X Yosemite. I tried using B1 unzip the file but the program kept on crashing. I tried using Terminal on mac to unzip and got the same message “damaged and can’t opened”. Solution use sudo sudo unzip atom-mac.zip that worked for me.




Unzip from the command line often leads to unusable Mac applications. Something about permissions or something, I forget.

Therefore, why not simply use the built-in utility for unzipping files? I don’t get it.


Having the same problem with Atom 1.0 on Yosemite. Downloaded multiple times with different Browsers.
I cannot make it work with:

  • OS X “doubleclick” unzipper
  • Command line unzipping
  • TheUrarchiver
  • Keka


$ shasum -p atom-mac.zip 03be618d322573838d69fe19d2477c87e4511e30 ?atom-mac.zip


Aha, the problem was, that i was unzippig it to a HD thats not HFS+, but exfat (my download-dir is on a harddisk rather than on my ssd).
After moving the .zip to a HFS±Partition, I was able to unzip and launch it.
Thats really strange.


Hi there,

I am having the same issue.
macOS Sierra 10.12.5 Beta (16F71b)

When I use the standard unzip tool of OSX the file gets extracted but OSX tells me it is corrupt.
The same error appears when I use

unzip atom-mac.zip
open atom-mac.zip
in the terminal

When I use

sudo unzip atom-mac.zip
sudo open atom-mac.zip
it crashes or I get the same error.

Crashed Thread: 0 Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Reason: DYLD, [0x5] Code Signature

When I use “The Unarchiver” the extraction process stops with the error that the file “Atom.app/Contents/Frameworks/Electron Framework.framework/Versions/A/Electron Framework” has a wrong checksum and could not be extracted

My harddisk is formatted with “Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)”

Can anyone help?


I also get this: Crashed Thread: 0 Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Reason: DYLD, [0x5] Code Signature