Atom Is crashing windows


everything just freezes


Yes Atom V0.05 had this problem.


I just reinstalled and it is still happening


This is with Atom 1.28.0? Also, are you behind a proxy?


The original answer was a joke about how you provided no information or context.

Some (but not necessarily all) relevant information might be what version of Arom you’re talking about, if it happens in safe mode, if earlier versions do it, if you have a proxy (like @rsese asks), etc.


It is a frustrating situation for a helper on a forum:
The topic starter in need of help, not giving enough information to assist to diagnose the problem.

Trolls whom dislikes a community or product has this behaviour.

Assuming your request is genuine -




What I said before, remains the same.

I do suggest that you use English for best results.


Only changes have been a Radeon driver update. I’m not behind a proxy, no other changes since it was working perfectly fine. It is the most recent version. And I even reinstalled but it still crashes the computer.

my vid card is a Radeon R9 200.


Try starting Atom as follows:

  • WinKey+r
  • (see below picture)


For what it’s worth, I also saw crashes on 1.28.0

Full details here:

Downgrading to 1.27.2 fixed my problem for now (hopeful that 1.29 will fix it)


So I just manually removed all Atom files and reinstalled. Works fine, still dont know what it was, thanks for the help though