Atom is blank white, only safe mode works


I’ve been using Atom for a long time and recently I downloaded a few packages for C++ linters, autocompletion, compilers, etc.

I reloaded my perfectly normal Atom after installing those and it showed a blank white screen. I can’t do anything. The menus at the top (File, Edit, that stuff) work and show options but don’t do anything. Chrome Development Tools doesn’t open. atom —disable-gpu doesn’t work.

Only safe mode works, but I don’t want to be working in safe mode without a few of the packages I had, Help?

EXTRA NOTES: I had a theme and LOTS of packages installed, my boot time before was and it still is really slow too.


You will want to try disabling packages one by one. You can edit .atom/config.cson without opening Atom and you can delete package folders from .atom/packages/ until one turns out to be the culprit.

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Huh? I don’t see a config.cson, and I can’t find packages in the packages folder. All I see is thisAnnotation%202019-05-10%20153631


And this in the packages folder:Annotation%202019-05-10%20153728
And there’s nothing in the SquirrelTemp folder.


The .atom folder is a separate thing, and is normally located in your home folder.

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worked! thanks!


Just putting this out there for anyone who sees this post: the culprit was a C++ package named Haxe

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