Atom is adding extra opening bracket in suggestions

when i type some thing html code atom is showing me some suggestions.When i select one of those suggestions by pressing enter it is adding extra left bracket which i already typed .Is there any way that atom only adds which wan not typed by me

Just don’t type the < and you’ll be fine. The snippets you are using include that in the body but don’t look for it in the abbreviation text. The only way to change it is by rewriting all of the snippets, which I don’t think would be worth the effort. If you want a better way to autocomplete your HTML, your time would be optimally spent by teaching yourself emmet, which can take quite complex instructions and will write out a lot of tags for you at once.

I need sublime like suggestions is that possible in atom.

I don’t use Sublime so unless you provide a description of what you want I have no way of answering you.