in android


Hello all,

I Ayus irfang filaras.
I joined here just wanted to provide some feedback though I am ignorant in terms of programs.

I will discuss about the text editor that is in use on android.

most only support the language of html, css, and javascript only.

I mean the complete automatic code.

I want to ask?
when ya provide support on android system and are in playstrore.

while many programers who use android as a replacement for pc and laptop.

if only support, it is clear many programers who liked it.

and the ease of management of the web will be at hand.

Hopefully soon in PlayStore I found in the search field there and tide.


Please see the Atom FAQ:


yes, I have read, android is a fairly large market now, many programmers - web programmers who started using android as a backup media in addition to a laptop or PC, then edit the droid could PlayStore much took a lot of people especially if their in PlayStore ,


We’re completely aware of Android, where it’s available and how many people and developers use it. We’re developers ourselves. Some of us use Android devices. I myself have over seven years of experience developing mobile applications, devices and services. Even in light of this knowledge and experience, we still have no plans to support Android (or any other mobile platform) as is stated in the FAQ.


I’m fairly new to Atom, and needed a mobile solution. I installed Atom on my Asus 32bit Netbook, and using it to offer portability while traveling and continue to work on my course - "Learning Python the Hard Way’ by Ned Shaw. I’m running Linux Mint 18 as the OS and using Chromium as the browser. It is working flawlessly, have to use Alt-Tab to jump between the open screens. This isn’t Atom on Android, but it does answer the mobility support issue…


It’ll be awesome to get Atom on Android. I’ve got Levnovo Yoga Book, which I use as my desktop. I connect through SSH to VMs, I do many thinks, including programming. After connecting monitor, mouse and keyboard I do not need anything else, really. The only think I miss is my Atom on it :< I hope one day I’ll get this editor working on my device.


Sorry for regrowing this threat, but, what happens with Samsung DEX users? I’m trying to jump to a convergent system with mobile+computer in once, and I want to use atom on my desktop as I do on my MAC.

Do you thing how can I do to compile the app as is for android? Thanks!


This has already been answered in the FAQ post above, no need to bump this thread