downloads only amd64 version on i386 Ubuntu


So I have a couple people that are using Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit version and when they go to and click the download button it sends them the amd64 bit version. Is there a way to download the 32 bit version instead? They are using firefox 34.0


As far as I know, there’s no 32bit version yet. Please correct me if I’m wrong


They got it installed by building it from source.

So I guess if there isn’t an actual 32 bit version yet then would it be easier for people to read a announcement or put in the readme so others know to build it from source?


From the README under Installation Instructions:

Debian Linux (Ubuntu)

Currently only a 64-bit version is available.


Ahhhh thanks @leedohm!


I make a build for I386 computers (I have a very old computer :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thanks for sharing, I was able to install it on 32 bit debian system. :smile:


How does it work . .I just installed the 64 bit version already . . . , bt my system is 32 . .how can i change it . .


Look at the below post for installation of 32Bit in Ubuntu.