download button redirects to GitHub page

In the past when I have downloaded atom, I have just gone to and pressed the download button, and the site automatically detects the correct platform and the download begins. (this is what is detailed in the Atom Flight Manual)

Now, I have noticed that the button redirects me to github, leaving me to pick te correct version/platform myself.

Is this intended behavior, a bug, or is it something that happens when you sign up as a user here?

Why the change?

I just tested it and the button starts a download for me, so I’m not sure what’s happening for you.

I believe it does that when it can not detect the OS (don’t quote me though).

This is what appears in the console

I think there was a specific bug that caused this that’s since been fixed - can you confirm you’re not having the same issue anymore @johann1301h?

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I just tested it now, and it is fixed. Works as it should. Good job!

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