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Is it just me or does the search functionality for packages not work that well? Many times on the site search I have to type the exact name of the package to have it show up in search results. I would imagine this hampers finding packages that may just not have the exact title of what i search for. I don’t know if it’s limited to title searches or really what is going on but I think it should be improved a bit to make it easier to find packages that I and others might be missing. Same goes for apm search.


seems true. also, it doesn’t seem that keywords provided in package.json are considerer in search. actually, “seo-wise”, the most efficient name today would be to include keywords in it’s name, separated by “-”.




is that a catch-all? lol


I’d also like to see this greatly improved. First, it should be able to search and find a match anywhere in the package name. Second, it should also search package descriptions, although you would need a mechanism to weight title matches more heavily. For instance, searching ruby should return every package that mentions ruby in either the title or description, with language-ruby at the top. Next there should be different ways to sort, by newest/oldest, by number of installs, number of stars, number of views, etc. That would be far more useful. I never know whether I’m not finding a package because it doesn’t exist, or I’m just not searching for it correctly.



I just updated my package to contain a keywords array in the package.json file.

How long should I wait to see a difference in search results. "apm search " is the same as searching on the website right? They seem one to one?


@thedaniel Does the search system support keywords yet? (If so, I need to update my packages :laughing:)


I am not sure it does. I pulled down the source for a package that I am getting back as a hit for a search query and do not find the query term anywhere in the whole package!

Is there some kind of other meta info out there?


FYI, didn’t seem to have any luck with the keywords :\


Now the search should support normal searches on name, keywords, description, readme and an ngram search on the name in case you only got ‘close’ with the search term.

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Thanks for the update @thedaniel!!!


Thanks! It works great!

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