Atom Invite Issues


There have been a lot of invite-related support threads and we wanted to collect all the information we have in one place.

  1. If you want an invite and haven’t registered yet, go to, enter your email address in the field and click the “Request a beta invite” button.
  2. If you have registered and you want to see if some kind soul will give you one of their invites, go here.
  3. If you’ve received and confirmed your invite and the page doesn’t seem to recognize you anymore or you want to download on another machine, scroll to the bottom and click Sign In.
  4. If you’ve received and confirmed your invite and you want to check to see how many invites you have available or the status of one of your invites that you sent, go here.
  5. If you’re having an issue where you sent an invite to the wrong address, a valid email address is being rejected as invalid, an invite you sent hasn’t been received, or an invite someone sent to you never came (please check your spam folder) … you can send an email to

If you’re having an issue that is not listed above, then please post a new thread and we’ll do our best to get you an answer straight away.

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