Atom installer launcher stuck


It’s stuck on the
’Atom is being installed, it will launch when it’s done" message. This happened after I was editing a file, which I opened via an SSH client. When the editor was running, I couldn’t open any more files so I closed it. After that, it refused to open anything else.

So, I followed batjko’s solution here:

And, now I face this error when using the installer.



I tried another installer from the Github and it seemed to work for me, however, the install took over 15 minutes. Last time, I waited for an hour and it was not done. I also (at that time) didn’t see a green progress bar to see how much was downloaded (% wise).

What is needed to be done if Atom refuses to open files again?


It sounds like a lot of stuff has gone on with your Atom install and it’s hard for us to help you unless we can visualize the entire process. At this point, it might be beneficial to delete the AppData/Local/atom directory and download the installer from the home page to make sure that you have version 1.19.5 the absolute most current. If you have a problem with this, make sure to take screenshots and post them here.


:wink: …{ V1.19.6 }
The guys have been very busy

:astonished: …{ now V1.19.7!! }


Noted, and edited. Darn devs messing up my attempt at precision.