Atom Installed on Windows 7 But to Where


Admittedly I am new to coding. Atom appears to have installed and was opened on my Windows 7 laptop. The problem is that after closing the application I can not find a way to re-launch it. It isn’t in program files. There are tons of file associated with “atom” but nothing that appears to be able to be run.

The last thing I anticipated would be to not be able to find the application after installing it.

Please help…

Thank you.


Atom Editor vanished


The official documentation does not seem to give the directory specification:

See if you can use Windows’ built-in find to tell you more ->

If you have an icon you can see the information from there. Like example a desktop shortcut:

Note the above picture has the direct answer you seek.



It’s probably quicker to run where atom in your Command Prompt


I did not know that one - Thank you!
Sadly for my system it does not work:
My installation does not have Atom loaded into the path…
I cannot remember if it is a standard option on the installation of Atom.


Can you launch atom from the command prompt? Maybe it’s missing from your PATH environmental variable.

The command actually returns two paths for me, atom.exe and atom.cmd



Yes you are correct.
Sorry I was not clear before.

It is what I meant to convey with
..does not have Atom loaded into the path
I was aiming for stating a fact.

I cannot remember being asked to have Atom on the PATH,
when I cleanly installed V1.18.
From there on it was update installations.



This is probably done when a user runs „Install Shell Commands” (which I expected most developers would do), I’m not sure


Yes I think you make a safe assumption there.
:blush: It would not be true for me though.

Not able to use apm manager

That’s not an option for Windows. It’s supposed to happen automatically, but I guess sometimes it doesn’t.


Hello danPadric,

There was no icon coming up in the find results. I found an earlier thread which referenced the AppData directory and did find it there. I see that you also provide it as the source for the executable file. Thank you.



Thanks for all for of the insight shared on this thread.


Thank you for your feedback.
Enjoy coding in Atom!