Atom installation


hi all!
i had atom installed from chocolatey, I followed the guide and uninstalled atom and after I’ve installed the latest from the new installer: everything fine!

after I made a cup all and I’ve discovered that cuninst atom only uninstall the latest version of atom…
so I removed all the version from chocolatey, but now, reinstalling the atom with the installer gives error…
what can I delete to make a freshly installation?



See the latest blog post for instructions on removing chocolatey.


thanks but:

Run cuninst Atom to uninstall the Chocolatey version of Atom. This will not delete any of your installed packages or Atom config files

this point might be repeated until clist -lo didn’t show any old atom version


Make sure to follow all the instructions in the blog post. If you don’t the transition from chocolately to the new install utility won’t work.


yes, but the problem is not the installation, but the chocolatey uninstallation…
my steps:

  • cuninst Atom (ok)
  • Install from installer (ok)

the problem is that i’ve the 0.154.0, i’ve updated chocolatey and it installed me 0.155.0…
after I uninstalled from chocolatey and installed from the installer: so i’ve the 0.156.0
if i do clist -lo it show me that i’ve the 0.154.0 installed in chocolatey, so, when I make a cup all it install me again the 0.155.0