Atom Input Problems

Hi, so I’m new to atom and I’m learning how to code and such, but whenever i input a code or something nothing happens and it says I have an error. An example of it is when i input, Print “your cool” none of the of the letters change colors, and when I press F5 to input it it says error or it just doesn’t work. Can someone help me trouble shoot this.

(Also when i go to run it)

Please use the Search function at top of this page and search “input” to learn that you cannot - unless you use Atom to pipe to an external app which does allow input.

how to I use atom to pipe an external app? Does that mean it can access the command prompt? Also do i need to allow Atom access to my Command Prompt?

Install process-palette and create your own library of custom processes to run via command line. Atom then becomes just one tool in a toolchain. I have a number of such custom processes linking up to various external assets such as terminal or even cloud assets if they can run through CLI.

thank you!