Atom incompatible with Windows 10.1607


Atom is not working on Windows 10 after latest patches installed (version 1607 of windows 10). Could you please help? Thanks.


What happens when you try to open Atom?


Atom appears in the task bar. But the window of Atom doesn’t show.


What version of Atom is installed? What happens when you try to open Atom from the command line with atom --safe? What happens when you rename the .atom folder in your user directory and then try to open Atom?

  1. I was using Atom 1.13 and it was not working after windows patches installed. Then I installed the latest version - Atom 1.17, it is not working either.

  2. when using command line atom --safe, same symptom, i.e.Atom appears in the task bar but the window of Atom doesn’t show.

  3. Cannot rename .atom folder. There was a popup window saying “You must type a file name”.


You just have to rename it to something that doesn’t start with ., or rename it via the command line (which will allow you to start the name with .).


Yay, it is working after rename the .atom folder. Many thanks for your help!!!


Okay, in that case, there was probably some state information that got corrupted. I have no clue why it happened, but you should be able to move your config files and packages over to the new .atom folder and have everything work again.